Robust and reliable, Mercedes Sprinter is one of the greatest vehicles of the category particularly suitable for the transport needs of associations or charterers.

The Fiorella Slim Fit lift can be installed in both the Standard and Extended versions: its wider platform provides a lift for even bulkier power chairs and scooters.

In both cases, the features and functionality of the lift ensure maximum comfort and safety to the person in the wheelchair and other passengers.

Mercedes Sprinter can be fitted with the Fiorella Slim Fit lift F360 in the Extended version, specifically designed for bilkier wheelchairs. Thanks to its large platform, higher borders and ultra-strong Roll-Stop F360EX is perfect to load modern bulky and heavy electric wheelchairs.

Fiorella Slim Fit can be installed on side access door of Mercedes Sprinter: this solution keeps the free accessibility of passengers who are not in wheelchairs unaltered, due to the F-Twister swivel base and allows to preserve the third row bench.

It’s the innovative integrated swivel base of the Fiorella Slim Fit lift. F-Twister allows the rotation of the Fiorella Lift by allowing completely free access to the vehicle, also when the lift is installed on the side door. This accessory represents a fast and effective emergency way out if necessary and facilitates wheelchair tie-down.

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